September 11,2006
Mr. Walid G. Wahab Wahab Construction Co. 818SW4&Ave. Miami, FL 33130
Re: LNR Property Corporation Corporate Offices Floors 2-8
1601 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139
Dear Walid:
This is to commend you and your team for the outstanding workmanship and professionalism demonstrated during the recent refurbishment of our office space at the above-referenced location. As leaders in the commercial real estate industry, we understand the challenges often associated with re-designing office space and could not be more pleased with the results you and your team have provided. In addition, we appreciate the courteous manner in which you and your team worked with the other contractors involved in this project, always demonstrating a terrific spirit of cooperation.

Thank you for a job well done and best of luck in your future endeavors.







Ronald Schrager Chief Operating Officer